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When Service Matters
At the core of every business is its commitment to service. When that commitment declines, profits slip. When that commitment is misdirected, a business fails to grow. But when that commitment is well-focused and is, in fact, part of the company’s operational philosophy, the doors to success are opened wide. Excellence in Hospitality has been instrumental in helping world-acclaimed companies open those doors and enter new realms of success and profitability through guest satisfaction and employee retention.
Mystery Shopping We offer various measurements both before and after program implementation to guarantee effective results. These services are available with our training packages or as an a la carte service. We also know asking the right questions is crucial to any successful shopper program, that is why we offer survey development, administration, and result analysis. They keys to success are in the details. We can help you diagnose as well as repair any service stumbles you might be experiencing, including those you don't even know about yet.
A Proven Approach to Service Excellence By identifying key service objectives that apply to virtually every industry, Excellence in Hospitality has been able to help companies build and foster long-lasting relationships with their customers and guests. Using these objectives, we help companies adopt and maintain a successful approach to customer service. This approach includes: Educating front-line employees on the philosophy and performance of service excellence Providing employees with the tools to develop habits that will enable them to individualize service for customers Identifying how employees can set higher guest service standards Helping employees gain an understanding of interpersonal skills Teaching employees to anticipate customer needs Relating product knowledge to each customer’s needs
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